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Glove Showcase: André Onana

André Onana is a Cameroonian goalkeeper who is a star for Ajax, who he has played for during the whole of his senior career. During his youth career he was part of La Masia at Barcelona prior to the move over to the Netherlands with Ajax. He played 30 games for Jong Ajax in the Eerste Divisie before in 2016 joining the senior side and making over 100 appearances for the club. In February 2021, Onana was banned from playing for 12 months by UEFA after testing positive for Furosemide which is a banned substance, this ban was then reduced to 9 months later in court. Onana has now returned to playing regularly at the club.

Since his return from this ban, it's all systems go for Onana who has put in some fine displays in his Adidas Predator Pro gloves, with a Roll Finger cut that is unavailable to the public, Onana tends to opt for this classic cut rather than the modern negative hybrid cut that can be found on the retail model.

Coming with the

Roll Finger cut, the latex is clearly modified compared to what consumers

can buy, firstly due to the two piece cut of the roll finger which is different to any other cut (find out more in our Cut Guide). Secondly, the palm features no embossing which is unsurprising as this is a feature that many Adidas goalkeepers tend to opt without, including goalkeepers such as Manuel Neuer and David De Gea. However, unlike the goalkeepers previously stated, Onana chooses to not have any printing on his URG 1.0 latex. which Adidas tends to use to imitate the embossing on the retail model.

The structure of the glove is almost identical to the retail Predator Pro, with the strapless entry and the Demonskin spikes that have been present on the gloves for over a year now. The extended wrist provides good lockdown on the gloves, however like many goalkeepers they wear wrist tape which adds extra lockdown fit so the gloves don't slip whilst wearing.

To finish off the gloves, Onana has his own personalisation on the wrist. Showing his patriotism to his country with the Cameroonian Flag which is places below his name and club squad number 'A.Onana 24'. This is a nice touch for his SMU.

What do you think of the Predator Pro with a Roll Finger?

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