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A Football Journey: JAKE ORAM

Our A Football Journey blogs continues with the spotlight on our ambassador, Jake Oram. Stay tuned as we uncover the exciting story behind Jake's career and what lead him to being a part of Hawk Goalkeeping.

Jake Oram's 2023/24 Season Headshot

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Today, we focus on the early stages of Jake Oram's career as a goalkeeper, showcasing his reliability on the field. Let's delve into the journey that has led him to his current position. In a recent conversation with Jake, he shared insights into his personal and professional growth.

How did the journey begin?

The key question for any athlete is how they started their sporting journey. That's why we asked Jake to share some insights on how he got into goalkeeping.

"I started my journey playing outfield at first and one game had to go in net as we had short numbers this was when I was around 8 I think and then ever since then I loved it and carried on playing it net"

Jake is a great role model for young players who are considering going from outfielder to goalkeeper. These days, being a goalie means you have got be super skilled and composed with the ball at your feet. Jake excels at this part of the game, and it has given him a good platform to start his career.

What clubs have you played for in your journey so far? 

Similar to numerous young players, Jake has experienced many highs and lows in his career so far, as Jake elaborated:

"From the age of 9 I played for Rotherham United's academy until the age group u14s where I was released"

Jake Oram featuring for Doncaster Rovers u18's

Even though Jake encountered a setback that many young footballers experience, his determination motivated him to progress in his career after he joined Doncaster Rovers:

"I had a trial at Doncaster during preseason, and then I received my contract for the under-14s. From that point on, I kept receiving new contracts until I was awarded a scholarship and entered full-time football for two years."

Jake found much success during his scholarship and the years as a full time footballer and was given his just rewards at the end of the 2023/24 season when his hard work landed him a professional contract at the Sky Bet League 2 club, Jake had this to say:

"During February of 2024 I was offered my first professional contract and I am now entering my first year as a pro, I’ve been working towards this my whole life and knowing my hard work has paid off (makes it worth it)"

Can you tell us what your favourite memory is playing as a Goalkeeper?

Jake Oram warming up prior to a Doncaster Rovers first team fixture

Jake was asked to tell us more about his favourite memories, and it was no shock that the one that meant the most to him was signing his professional football contract. It's the kind of memory that every young footballer dreams of as they grow up. Here's what Jake had to say about this special achievement:

"Favourite memory as a goalkeeper would be signing my professional contract as this is something that I’ve been working towards my whole life and knowing my hard work has paid off."

As a brand, we are thrilled for Jake, who has demonstrated his skills during his two years with us. He has truly earned the professional contract he has secured, and we are excited to maintain our partnership in the upcoming season.

What stands out to you about Hawk Goalkeeping?

Having learned more about Jake's journey, we questioned him about the reasons behind his decision to join and ultimately continue his relationship with us at Hawk Goalkeeping. Here is what he had to say about us:

"What stands out to me about hawk goalkeeping would be the standard of gloves because they stay grippy even in hot conditions when they dry out and even in the wet when they are soaked through."

Jake Oram playing for Doncaster Rovers in the FA Youth Cup v Mansfield

Expanding on his statement, Jake discussed the durability of the Hawk Goalkeeping gloves he has relied on for the past 2 years, he said:

"I have also found they are really durable compared to other high end gloves and the wear is very minimal even when training on Astroturf."

Jake has tried different Hawk Goalkeeping gloves while being with us, but he has now discovered that he feels comfortable wearing our 1NS PRO range.

Reflecting on the journey

In reflecting on Jake's journey so far, it is evident that he has not only achieved outstanding successes but has also demonstrated remarkable resilience in overcoming the inevitable challenges that come with being a goalkeeper. His ability to consistently surpass the lows that are an inherent part of our tough position speaks volumes about his dedication, skill, and mental strength.

As we look forward to the upcoming 2024/25 season with Jake back on the team, there is a sense of excitement and anticipation for what he will bring to the table.

We are truly grateful for Jake's willingness to share his insights and experiences with us for this article. It is through such interactions that we gain a deeper understanding of the person behind the player, and we are privileged to have him as part of our team. Here's to a season filled with even more achievements, growth, and success for Jake!

If you wish to be like Jake and be a part of the Hawk Goalkeeping visit our shop today!

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