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Here at Hawk Goalkeeping we pride ourselves on being a part of the goalkeepers union. A specialist position where it can be demanding. We're here to help, providing goalkeepers with quality products to help concur the challenges we all face.

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Every goalkeeper has suffered adversity, whether it be an injury or simply a mistake. We've all been there and that's why we are here, to provide a range of gloves that will take one less doubt in your mind every time you step onto the field, leaving you to focus on your game and helping you perform at your best

The founder of Hawk Goalkeeping, Callum Hawkins, is a goalkeeper Formally at Burton Albion. With insight of the needs of each goalkeeper we as a brand are able to provide products that are highly in demand by professional goalkeepers, with cuts and materials that are used right at the top levels of the game.

Founded in 2021, Hawk Goalkeeping is only a new brand compared to the large brands, but we are here to provide a professional service at only a fraction of the price. We are here for every goalkeeper and our mission is to provide goalkeepers with quality gloves just like the Pro's.

We are constantly looking to develop our brand, with research taking place throughout each season. This research allows us to develop better gloves for everyone!

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