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Glove Showcase: Vicente Guiata

The experienced Spanish shot stopper Vicente Guaita is the first choice goalkeeper for Crystal Palace. He began his career in his homeland of Spain at Valencia, a club that he made 76 appearances for, during this period he went on a loan spell to Recreativo where he played 30 games. From Valencia came a move to Getafe where he found a good string of games, playing over 100 games before moving to his current club Crystal Palace in 2018. At Palace he has amassed over 100 appearances so far.

A member of the prestigious Sells Goalkeeping brand, Guaita opts for the Revolve range, however these gloves are very different to the Retail model; which is unusual for Sells as most of their range offered is commonly very similar to the Professional models.

Firstly, the wrap of the palm of the gloves is different to the retail model. with the palm of the gloves not featuring the embossing and details that the retail model feature. The thumb wrap is also different to the retail model as the latex is thicker and stitched similarly to a positive cut, with the foam inner being slightly exposed when looking closely.

This leads us on to the logo on the fabric element of the backhand, compared to the retail model, the logo is a lot lower on the glove whereas the retail model has the logo fitting flush to the three latex panels that surround it. This is partly due to the palm wrap that we mentioned earlier, as it is a slightly different shape to the retail wrap therefore this makes the area the logo should be located in a totally different shape, therefore this explains the different position of the logo.

On to the biggest changes to the glove: the cut. Whereas the retail model of the Revolve range is a 'Radial Cut', (which combines a flat cut on the middle and ring fingers with a rolled pinky and index finger) Guaita opts for a totally flat cut. But this isn't the biggest change to the cut. The real major change comes to the fused Ring and Pinky fingers which are totally fused, which can be seen when the gloves are viewed from the backhand as there is a fabric gusset above the end of the pinky finger. This is a feature on both hands of the gloves, and has been a feature of Guaita's gloves for years now, even prior to his Sells sponsorship where he wore Uhlsport gloves.

To complete this SMU, the gloves feature a wide latex strap, which is a common modification on Sells gloves, it does not feature any embossing or branding as well as the removal of the elasticated feature of the Retail models. This is common with many Sells goalkeepers who opt for this wide latex strap, this includes many top goalkeepers such as Kaylor Navas and Nick Pope. Vicente Guaita completes his look with this names of his 3 children on the strap, 'HUGO, PACO, EDU" is featured on the gloves in the Sells own font, with the customisation completed by major goalkeeper glove store Just Keepers who complete many brands Professional Customisations.

What do you think of these gloves?

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