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Maximising Your Saves: Why Our 2024 Goalkeeper Gloves Are a Must-Have for Any Goalkeeper

Updated: Jul 1

2024 is our Year of the Goalkeeper, with our gloves innovating and aiding all of our goalkeepers to be the best that they can be! Take a look at our gloves and see which gloves will suit you and aid your performance.

We start off with our original range, the Hawk Goalkeeping 1NS. Off the back of our successful launch of the 1NS in May 2021 the 1NS Range has since received an update that has advanced it to the next level.


A photo of the Hawk Goalkeeping 1NS PRO Hybrid

Early in 2023, we as a brand decided it was time to develop a successor for the 1NS Line, with this in mind we decided to strategically design a new model that took the heart of the original gloves and implement some advancements to take the range to a new level.

The 1NS PRO Hybrid features an embossed punch-zone compared to the 1NS Hybrid predecessor, this was a feature that we wished to implement to help in those sticky situations as a goalkeeper.

The heart of the original 1NS still remains in the new model, with the 1 piece backhand remaining in the new model as we found this added a sufficient balance between protection and mobility, alongside this we have also maintained the same cut for the new model so any goalkeepers that were fans of the original will seamlessly adapt to the new design.

A photo of the Hawk Goalkeeping 1NS PRO Hybrid Shadow

In 2024, we have two different models of our 1NS PRO Hybrid, with the late edition of the 1NS PRO Hybrid Shadow in December 2023, we introduced this sleek black edition of our 1NS PRO for the goalkeepers who play on synthetic pitches or in muddy conditions which can cause white gloves to stain over a long period of time.

Structurally the Shadow model is identical to the original 1NS PRO with the only difference being the base colour so the choice is yours and your own personal preferences.

We recommend these gloves to any goalkeeper that is looking for a balanced fitting gloves; providing a slightly boxier feel than a traditional negative cut as you will find below in our 1NS PRO Negative. The 1NS PRO Hybrid maximises surface area for great catching ability and is a superb option for anyone who wants to branch out to a new cut.

1NS PRO Negative

A photo of the Hawk Goalkeeping 1NS PRO Negative

Just like our Hybrid Cut 1NS PRO, the 1NS PRO Negative offers all of the best features of the original 1NS but with the additional benefits our goalkeepers found in our other gloves.

As we mentioned above, we used our strategically designed embossing on all our 1NS PRO gloves to enable goalkeepers to get better contact with the ball when punching. Combining this with the snugness of the Negative Cut and these gloves provide you as the goalkeeper with the most control when punching the ball.

With the cut in mind, we opted to use a more traditional negative cut than the original version, this was our decision as we found that the traditional negative cut provided a greater balance between surface area and tightness.

We highly recommend these gloves to any goalkeeper that prefers to have a second skin feel in their gloves. The 1NS PRO Negative really offers the greatest balance of all the gloves, with a snug fit, great surface area for both catching and also punching, protection and reliability.

Our 1PRO Range is formed of our Elite Level goalkeeper gloves, utilising many features that are commonly found in SMU gloves of goalkeepers in the top leagues like the Premier League. For example, the Dual Latex feature of our 1PRO Range gloves features in the gloves of Ederson Moraes and his Puma Future SMU's, which the Manchester City stopper has worn since leaving Nike.


Starting with the original feature of the 1PRO Range, the WRAP4 was first introduced in March 2022 and has been a staple feature of our brand since.

A photo of the Hawk Goalkeeping WRAP4

Utilising our popular Hybrid Cut that is found in our 1NS PRO Hybrid above. The WRAP4 takes the Hybrid cut to a new level with the introduction of the Dual Latex to the cut, offering a more personalised feel to the gloves as the internal latex moulds to the hands and ensure a secure fit and additional protection against those difficult shots.

The WRAP4 was our first glove to feature strategically designed embossing on the backhand of the gloves, this has been a crucial feature to aid punching which has become an important tool in the goalkeepers arsenal as the years have progressed.

A photo of the Hawk Goalkeeping WRAP4 SE

Following the great success of the launch of the WRAP4, we introduced a Special Edition colourway of the popular gloves in November 2022, featuring a predominately white base with Sky Blue accents, this has proved to be a popular colourway and has been a favourite of many of our Hawk Goalkeeping ambassadors.

Onto the technology of the WRAP4, it was our first glove to feature a separate latex thumb, through our research of many top goalkeepers we discovered that many goalkeepers enjoy the freedom of the thumb, with many goalkeepers such as Yann Sommer opting for a latex thumb separate from the remainder of the backhand. This provide the ultimate balance between manoeuvrability and protection, whilst also providing the greatest comfort possible.

The backhand design of the WRAP4 was designed to enhance breathability throughout the hand, with the fabric backhand extending upwards from the wrist strap into the latex backhand, this alongside the fabric gussets provides a breathable gloves that will regulate heat during those extreme temperatures.

Our WRAP4 range is receiving an update for 2024 so if you wish to purchase any of the original WRAP4's you will have to act fast as they are only available while stock lasts!


Introduced along with the WRAP4 SE in November 2022, the EXPANS3 is the perfect blend of a Roll Finger and a Flat Cut glove. Providing the exemplary surface area for handling whilst also providing the feeling of a more traditional cut.

A photo of the Hawk Goalkeeping EXPANS3

There are many hybrid cuts on the market, a few of which we have covered in our Glove Showcases, combining many of the more traditional cuts and blending them into the best of both worlds. For example, in the case of the Expans3, we have utilised a blend of two of the traditional cuts consisting of the Roll Finger and the Flat Palm gloves to create the best surface covering glove possible. Utilising both of these cuts allows the user to receive major benefits when it comes to handling. A major factor for most goalkeepers.

Furthermore, the Expans3 also features the breathable backhand shape of the aforementioned WRAP4, allowing you to receive the same feeling of cooling as the previous gloves.

The Expans3 features a ribbed finger pattern to provide a significant punch zone area which has aided our goalkeepers during their uses, with the ribbed effect providing greater surface area whilst maintaining the same style as the remainder of the backhand which in turn delivers a sleek but stylish look.


Our most innovative glove to date, with months of research allowing us to provide what we believe to be an ultimate cut for comfort and performance. Through months of testing we found that during catching, we as goalkeepers do not always have optimal contact to allow for cleaner catching, with this in mind we prototyped and optimised a cut to help every goalkeeper get the most out of their gloves.

A photo of the Hawk Goalkeeping TOTAL5

This unique cut features 5 wraps throughout the palm design, two on each of the pinky and index fingers, two on the thumb and a final wrap on the pinky finger side of the hand. Let us take you through each of these wraps and why we feel that these will help any goalkeeper to find their grip when catching in each technique.

You can find out more about our unique TOTAL5 cut on our Talking TOTAL5 blog post.

Alongside the unique cut, the TOTAL5 has our most advanced embossing to date, designed to offer an enhanced punching area and also offering a great looking glove to help you stand out in your penalty box. Our TOTAL5 also features a full latex backhand to provide complete support throughout the hand and wrist, offering advance protection to an already protected design.

A photo of the Hawk Goalkeeping TOTAL5 from the side

Finally, the TOTAL5 utilises the Dual Latex that we mentioned earlier to the max, with the greatest coverage of internal latex of any of our gloves, providing the greatest lockdown feel in any of our gloves and making the gloves feel like a real second skin, similar to that of a negative cut but with the advanced grip of our hybrid cut.

If you're a fan of any hybrid cut gloves, these are a perfect next step to take your gloves to the next level!


Starting 2024 strong, we are combining two of our most elite gloves and incorporating the best of both gloves and creating an elite glove for any goalkeeper.

A photo of the Hawk Goalkeeping WRAP4+

The WRAP4+ utilises our unique TOTAL5 cut to enhance your grip along with the breathable capabilities of the original WRAP4. We have capsulated the WRAP4's backhand shape and combined it with the aforementioned TOTAL5 cut to provide the greatest balance possible for every goalkeeper.

Alongside the combining of the two gloves, we have optimised the backhand design to really stand out in a crowded penalty area whilst also having enhanced capabilities to enhance punching as is the case with all of our gloves.

A photo of the Hawk Goalkeeping WRAP4+ palm

Finally, the WRAP4+ also gives you the regulation of the original WRAP4 that we mentioned earlier, the breathable mesh fabric allows the gloves to breathe which helps with cooling on the hottest of days whilst also retaining suitable heat in the frozen conditions we face as goalkeeper.

You can find out more details about all of our gloves on our shop, with our wide selection of gloves providing an optimal glove for you.

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