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Breaking Down the Highlights: Hawk Goalkeeping Season Review 2023/24

Reflecting on the Remarkable Achievements of Hawk Goalkeeping in the 2023/24 Season

Many incredible things can happen in a season of football, and it's safe to say that we at Hawk Goalkeeping saw some pretty amazing stuff last season. Let's take a look back at the achievements of our brand and our goalkeepers.

From the highest highs to the deepest lows, our brand has grown, and our goalkeepers have shown themselves to be outstanding individuals both on and off the pitch. We are so excited to be a part of their journeys for this past season and moving forward in their careers.

Discovering our Brand's success in the last year

This year, we made a statement with the introduction of two new glove designs to our highly popular 1PRO Range. These additions complement our successful 1NS PRO collection, which now includes a blackout model.

Callum Hawkins celebrating during the Southern Premier League Central Play-Off Semi Final

We were proud to introduce the TOTAL5 and the WRAP4+, two exceptional performance gloves that have proved to be hit with a lot of our goalkeepers. These gloves had been meticulously designed and crafted to deliver unparalleled performance on a variety of key areas, embracing the fine balance between durability and . The TOTAL5 and the WRAP4+ had undergone rigorous testing to ensure that they met the highest standards of quality and durability, making them the top choice for grassroots and professional goalkeepers alike. With innovative features and advanced technology, these gloves offer superior grip, comfort, and protection, allowing users to perform at their best with confidence. The TOTAL5 and the WRAP4+ both excelled in providing the support and performance needed to succeed in any competitive environment.

Moving on to the 1NS PRO Shadow, the goalkeeper glove designed for all goalkeepers, the 1NS PRO Shadow is a sleek, black based iteration of the popular 1NS PRO Hybrid. The sleek black base of the design is enhanced by vibrant blue accents, creating an elegant and luxurious look. These gloves have been crafted for goalkeepers in search of high-performance gloves that are robust enough to endure matches on astroturf pitches.

The Backbone of Success: Our Incredible Goalkeepers This Season

Let's talk about our amazing goalkeepers who have donned the Hawk Goalkeeping gloves this season. Collectively they've been pulling off some incredible saves and showing off their prowess in the goalmouth. Whether it's making those game-changing saves or leading their defences, our goalkeepers have truly embraced the season and have become vital assets for their teams. Their outstanding performances in the Hawk Goalkeeping gloves hasn't just brought them personal success but has also played a huge role in their team's overall achievements this season.

Charlie Monks

To begin with, Charlie Monks achieved the first trophy of the season by winning the Lancashire County Cup in a remarkable fashion.

Charlie Monks following the Lancashire Senior Cup Final victory

Charlie's return for a second season was full of excitement for us, and he certainly did not disappoint. The young goalkeeper showcased remarkable growth and skill throughout the season, cementing his place as a key player in the team. His commitment and effort were rewarded when a string of remarkable performances contributed to the team's triumph, earning him a cup winners medal in the Lancashire County Cup.

Charlie Monks celebrating to the fans following a victory

Throughout the season, Charlie demonstrated exceptional goalkeeping ability and determination, evident in his 55 appearances across all competitions. His ability to keep a clean sheet on 13 occasions not only highlights his skill as a goalkeeper but also his importance in maintaining a solid defence for his team.

Charlie's contributions went beyond just statistics; his leadership on the field and positive attitude off the pitch inspired both his teammates and fans alike, leading him to be a fan favourite amongst many of the Colne fans. His consistent performance under pressure and in crucial moments further solidified his reputation as a reliable and talented young goalkeeper.

Charlie's performance in his second season with us showcased his development, commitment, and enthusiasm for his game. We are excited to announce that Charlie will be returning as an ambassador for the third consecutive season in 2024/25. His past accomplishments, including his victory in the cup final, highlight his growing potential and we are excited to see what he can achieve this coming season. The decision to bring Charlie back for the upcoming season was an easy one for us, as we are very confident that he will thrive and advance in his career and push his way back up the leagues.

Dan Moore

Dan Moore in preseason featuring for Leamington

A goalkeeper known for his unwavering determination and resilience, Dan has consistently demonstrated his worthiness of the number one shirt through numerous remarkable performances. Despite facing challenges at the beginning of the season, struggling to secure consistent playing time, Dan's fortunes took a positive turn upon his return to Belper Town. The club embraced him, providing a stable environment that allowed Dan to showcase his skills and repay the trust placed in him.

Throughout the season, Dan exhibited his exceptional abilities with a series of outstanding performances marked by extraordinary sav