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About Our Gloves 2021

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

The Hawk Goalkeeping Brand is devoted to providing the best quality gloves possible to the open market, using the top German latex and combining it with all the features a modern goalkeeper may want and need without any of the modern gimmicks. As a brand formed by goalkeepers we want to provide the best quality for our Goalkeeping family whilst making the best quality available to everyone, from grassroots to professional level.

In the modern era of goalkeeping, there are so many different big name brands who provide Goalkeeper Gloves, with Nike, Puma and Adidas being all big players in the game. Each offer their own ranges of gloves, many of which are modified for their endorsed athletes, as well as goalkeeping based brands such as Reusch and Uhlsport who also follow this trend of giving their professionals modified SMU's (Special Make-Up's). We follow this closely with our weekly Glove Showcase which you can find in our Blog weekly. Click Here To Find Out More

With that in mind, our range provides some of the more popular features in those said SMU's and we have made them widely available for those who wish to follow in their idols footsteps without paying the expensive costs that top end gloves cost.

1NS Range

1NS Hybrid

Starting off with our original glove, the 1NS Hybrid, which started off our Brands journey. With a combination of a simple backhand design to the technical cut, this glove is ideal for those who want to keep their style simple.

The one piece backhand design provides support to the whole of the hand including the thumb which is supported by the backhand latex in addition to the 4mm Contact Latex wrap from the palm, this is a feature that was modified on many gloves that professionals would be wearing, including the likes of Jordan Pickford, Joe Hart and Jack Butland (Find the Glove Showcase with the link) who have used modified pairs of Nike Vapor Grip 3's with the addition of a latex thumb.

In addition to the latex backhand, all our gloves come with finger spines and the 1NS Hybrid is no exception. With the 1NS Hybrid the gloves come with finger spines in just the Middle and Ring finger which is a characteristic of many goalkeepers, such as Kasper Schmeichel who opts to have spines in these fingers. This offers ample protection for the whole of the hand as well as giving the gloves a better natural form and handling position, so with that in mind we provide all of our gloves with removable lightweight finger spines which offers you the chance to personalise your glove to what suits you best, maybe due to injury or personal choice. The choice is yours

Onto the palm, with top grade 4mm Contact Latex imported from one of the leading factories in Germany, our 1NS offers amazing grip whilst being responsive in all weather condition, so whether you're playing in the summer or in the wet and windy winter you will be in safe hands. We studied the choices of many top goalkeepers from the past decade and found that many goalkeepers prefer a hybrid cut, commonly a mix of a negative and roll finger cut, so this is where we began the process of designing our 1NS, combining the Roll Finger Index and Pinky finger which wraps around the whole fingers providing great surface area for handling, with the negative cut middle and ring fingers which provide a snug fit. Combining together to make an optimal balanced cut between the tight feeling negative cut and the rather loose rolled cut, giving the best of both world with a larger surface area but also the great feel of a negative cut.

As with all of our current range, the wrist closure system we feature in all of our gloves remains the same, with the extended 10cm elasticated wrist strap providing a secure lockdown so the gloves do not come loose whilst playing, however our two ranges differ slightly when it comes down to the strapping system. Commonly the two ranges both feature the wide latex strap, which is 6cm wide for added wrist protection, but they do have their differences. The 1NS Range features a reversed strap, which locks down on the inside of the wrist. This was a feature that we researched by watching many top flight strikers and their techniques to try and distract goalkeepers on corners. This began clearly apparent when in May 2021 during a Premier League fixture between Chelsea and Fulham, Bobby Decordova-Reid attempted to undo the wrist strap of Chelsea's goalkeeper Édouard Mendy. To combat this, we provided the solution of the reversed strap, so when the hands are by the side of your body or even away from your body the strap is protected on the underside of the glove. this is similar on both the 1NS models.

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1NS Negative

Moving on to the second addition to the Hawk Goalkeeping brand as well as the second addition to the 1NS Range, which is the 1NS Negative cut. With research on many top flight goalkeepers, we devised that a Negative Hybrid cut was a great way to forward our brand, after seeing top goalkeepers like Marc-André Ter Stegen opting for a cut similar to the one we chose, that is where we began.

Following on from the success of our 1NS Hybrid, we used to same backhand design and the same latex, the only difference being the cut. The main characteristics of the 1NS Negative is its tight fitting feel which provides a second skin feel, but with the added protection of the latex and finger spines, the gloves have great support as well as mobility. With finger spines in each finger, we give the option to remove each individual one to customise the feeling of the glove, you may opt to wear them all with Łucasz Fabiański; wear two in the middle and ring fingers like Kasper Schmeichel; or take them out completely like Marc-André Ter Stegen.

Onto the palm that we discussed earlier, we used the top grade 4mm Contact Latex that we use on all of our gloves. The negative hybrid cut offers second skin feel due to the stitching on each cut of latex being on the exterior of the glove, which makes the gloves of the same size comparably smaller compared to their rolled counterparts. More of that later in the article.

The remaining technology of these gloves is identical to that of the 1NS Hybrid which we covered above. Including the strapping and wrist closure system

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December 2021 kicked off with a bang with the new MOTION range being released in Adult sizes from 8-10. With three cuts, the Roll Finger, the Negative Cut, the Hybrid. Each goalkeeper has their own personal preference so in offering 2 new cuts and a new style to our original 1NS Negative Hybrid cut. We are able to offer goalkeepers 4 different cuts which suit their style and preference. To find out more about each cut check out our Glove Cut Guide which breaks down each cut and more so you can find the best suited cut to you and your style

MOTION Roll Finger

Our December 2021 Range featured 3 cuts, the first being a brand new Roll Finger cut that goalkeepers have been requesting. Many goalkeepers still choose this cut today, including Bernd Leno and André Onana. Both of these goalkeepers have been using this cut for years with their respecting brands, asking for SMU (Special Make-Up's) with this cut as retail models do not feature this cut for many brands top models

The MOTION Range features a backhand cut similar to the original 1NS Range, featuring a one piece backhand which is supportive of each finger and the thumb, with the sole wrap of the glove being on the thumb, giving the greater surface area when handling the ball. The backhand is flat with no embossing which removes the gimmicks that are added on many gloves in this era and giving the goalkeeper a large surface area when punching the ball.

The backhand features a swooping 3 tone grey backhand which imitates the flowing motion of a goalkeeper flying through the air when making those top corner saves. The style is eye-catching which allows you the stand out but also look professional with the stylish white base of the glove. The same pattern can be found on the strap of our MOTION gloves, which are finished off with our Wing Logo and the MOTION branding that is evident in each cut, with their own colour co-ordination.

On to the cut of the gloves, the classic Roll Finger cut used on this edition of the MOTION range feature 2 part palm, allowing for the fingers to roll around the anatomy of each finger. However, unlike many Roll Finger gloves, the stitching that combines both cuts is negatively stitched, which provides the gloves to have a tighter fit, making them more reminiscent of a negative cut compared to a Hybrid Cut. These gloves are perfect for any goalkeeper who is well aquatinted with a negative cut but would like to try something new.

Finally onto the wrist closure system, similar to the 1NS Range, the MOTION Range has a 10cm elasticated wristband with a 6cm wide strap. So you can experience the same wrist protection through both ranges without having to adjust to a new fit. However, unlike our 1NS Range, the 6cm strap is in a traditional form compared to the reversed method, so you can experience the traditional feeling of wrapping your gloves to your own personal comfort.

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The second new cut of our MOTION Range is the Hybrid cut, which offers a new style hybrid compared to our 1NS Hybrid, offering another cut to each goalkeeper who wants to wear professional quality gloves without the extortionate prices.

Just like the MOTION Roll Finger we mentioned above, the MOTION Hybrid has a three tone backhand, but unlike the Roll Finger variant the main colour is blue, along with this the secondary colour of the MOTION branding is blue, completing this stylish look, The MOTION Range really stands out with all three different colour variants, offering a standout look without the flashy base colours or the fancy gimmicks that don't effect the actual performance of the gloves.

Onto the cut and the only real difference to the gloves in this range. The hybrid cut of these gloves is rather similar to that of the 1NS Hybrid. However unlike the cut of the 1NS Hybrid, the MOTION Hybrid is more traditional and features more of the Roll Finger and Negative Cuts, without the finger wraps. This gives the gloves a more natural feel to those who wear both of these cuts. The cut of these gloves is based off the research of many top goalkeepers, one of which we featured in a previous Glove Showcase, Ederson Moraes. This is a popular cut to many top professionals so we made it available to the public for reasonable prices.

Finally, the strap is identical in size and construction as all of our gloves, but as mentioned in earlier parts of the article, the 1NS range differs slightly to that of the MOTION Range.

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MOTION Negative

The final cut to feature is one similar to fans of our brand: the negative hybrid. The MOTION Range of this cut is similar to the 1NS model but with the flair of the MOTION Range. As we stated earlier in this article, many top goalkeepers use this new style cut, with many Adidas goalkeepers using this cut on the Predator Pro range.

The MOTION Negative gloves are striking with the fiery Red, Orange and Yellow backhand which stands out on the white based glove. These colours have been popular since the release of this range. With the flowing of the three colours really standing out on the backhand of the glove, completed with the black Hawk Wing logo and the black and the coordinated red MOTION logo. Just like each of the MOTION gloves, the trio of colours flows onto the strap, finishing this stylish look.

As with all the gloves we have mentioned so far in this article, the gloves feature the same strapping system which has found us great success since our launch.

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WRAP4 Range

As the end of the 2021/22 season approaches the brand aimed to finish the season right with the most technologically advanced glove they have released to date. With research of many top goalkeepers and their preferences we have been able to manufacturer a glove worthy of the top level goalkeepers without the extortionate price tag, featuring options that many professional goalkeepers request in their SMU's.

WRAP4 Hybrid

The first glove of the WRAP4 Range is a hybrid cut, similar to the 1NS Hybrid, a cut that has been successful for many top goalkeepers and highly requested by our customers due to the large surface area for handling and comfort when wearing the glove.

The backhand of the WRAP4 Hybrid is strategically embossed to aid punching, with an embossed punch-zone engineered to increase surface area on the knuckles. The embossing also adds a simple but stylish look to the backhand of this glove; this trend continues onto the strap of the glove which features embossing similar to the embossing found on the middle and ring finger tips. Combine this with the simple yet effective Navy Blue and Black printing and we have a simple yet eye-catching glove.

Another feature of the WRAP4 backhand is the three piece design: a latex thumb, a latex backhand and a contact latex zone on the Ulnar side of the hand. This was a feature we opted to use on this glove to allow for a greater freedom for the goalkeeper, with a freer range of movement for the thumb without losing the protection we had in our one piece 1NS and MOTION Ranges. Combined with this, the Contact Latex on the Ulnar side of the hand offers a slight increase in surface area for those awkward catches that aren't caught as cleanly as the simple saves.

Moving onto our favourite feature: Dual Latex. A feature that is commonly unavailable of retail gloves but is found in many top goalkeepers gloves, this list includes Manchester City's star shot-stopper Ederson Moraes (Find our Glove Showcase here). Dual Latex gloves consist of the traditional exterior latex which is 4mm Contact Latex on our gloves, combined with a 2mm layer of ribbed latex on the interior of the gloves. This feature allows for the hand to remain in place whilst wearing the gloves as well as making the gloves snug with a personalised fit as the latex moulds to the hand. In our opinion, we believe every goalkeeper should have the opportunity to try this feature and we believe that you will love the feeling of these gloves when handling the ball.